If you are planning to submit please carefully check and follow the submission guidelines below to be sure your work is a good fit for us.

We are a small team with two decades of experience as writers, editors, proofreaders, designers in online and offline sales and marketing. We understand and love new technology almost as much as we adore books, and creative souls.

Our vision: ‘Collaborative Publishing’. Harnessing the benefits of new publishing technology and marketing practices, and most importantly, sharing profits. Fairly. No more poor writers! Author and publishers share the work … and the benefits … and the world gets great books. It’s win-win-win.

Combining the great royalties, creative control, low-costs and 21st century marketing models of self-publishing, with the benefits of traditional publishing at its best: a strong editor, quality layout and cover design, a marketing team and extensive contacts, as well as the practical and emotional support you need as an author.


Life-changing, paradigm-shifting books by women, for women.

Books that have strong integrity, innovative ideas, intuitive insight, which are authentic and beautifully expressed.

Non-fiction encompassing women’s wisdom, women’s history, emergent women’s culture, women’s holistic health, work on the menstrual cycle, women’s spirituality, women’s archetypes, women’s creativity …

Black and white, text-based paperbacks and e-books. If you have a highly-illustrated or colour concept, we suggest another publisher.

4-6 books a year, so have to be very picky.

We do NOT publish books that are solely: birth/pregnancy guides, herbals, personal memoir, novels, story books for children, poetry collections or anthologies. We are however very open to elements of these being part of your book.

We will only consider books which align with our ethos, that we believe will sell well and authors with whom we can develop a strong collaborative working relationship.


The BEST royalties anywhere – 50:50. Five times what you get from traditional publishers.

Expertise in the cutting edge of online publishing and book marketing techniques.

An extensive platform of Womancraft supporters: magazines, journalists, bloggers, websites, mavens and associated networks to help promote your books.

Over ten years’ experience in publishing services working on best-selling books, with authors and as authors.

Proven successful experience of contemporary marketing techniques that work.

A professionally designed and attractive cover, which makes ALL the difference to your book.

Goodwill, a commitment to communication, respect and professional service.

An intelligent, conscientious and good hearted team.

A dedication to helping to share the words of innovative, cutting edge, deep thinking, inspirational, paradigm-shifting, soul-touching women which mainstream publishers do not value. A passion for creativity and sharing women’s voices with the world.

A team with a track-record for consistently launching books to #1 in their field on Amazon.


You are a woman writer with an engaging, inspiring message and a burning passion to share it with the women of the world.

You have an established, ever-growing tribe of your own and a commitment to consistently build your network and use your contacts.

You have shared your writing or work in numerous avenues – online and offline.

You are willing to stand shoulder to shoulder with us to co-create the best book we can and share it widely with women.

You are committed to hard work, clear communication and personal responsibility for actions and feelings.

You have a clear vision for your book – and are open to input, feedback and advice which will improve it.

You have at least 3 chapters and a proposal written. Or the entire book.


Skype discussions at key times of your book’s development: at the beginning of our working relationship; after editing; about the cover; to plan marketing.

Full text edit and final proofread. Page design and layout.

Professional cover design.

A comprehensive marketing plan covering social media, magazines and online publications.

Author platform builder support and advice.

50:50 profit share on paperbacks, to acknowledge both teams for their top work. Your success is our success.

60:40 on e-books – in your favour – the best in the industry.

Author copies at 50% RRP.

Whilst Womancraft authors sign a legal contract, our first and foremost priority is integrity, clear communication and a heartfelt commitment. From you, and from us.


A multinational corporation.

A vanity publishing company.

Magicians, time lords or infallible in other wished for ways!


All submissions will be responded to within 6 weeks. We intend to turn books around from submission to launch in 6-8 months – this is 2-3 times faster than traditional publishers. We know that our personal service will take greater care of your work at every stage, than the majority of publishers. Please send at least 3 chapters or the entire book to along with the following information:

About You



Email address


Previous publications/author CV: articles, books, guest posts…

Brief resume of other (relevant) professional experience

Your personal set up – kids, work, illness – we need to know honestly where you are at and what your commitments and demands on your time are, so that we can make informed decisions.

About the book

Proposed book title

Summary of the book

Proposed book length

Competing books currently on the market in this field

Intended readership for the book

Your working timeline (if manuscript is unfinished)

About your author platform and connections

Your current author platform: number of followers on Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest, mailing list subscribers, blog monthly page views.

Have you done any marketing training before? Any publishing/ author programs/writing classes etc?

Professional/personal contacts who might (or have agreed to) provide endorsements/testimonials for the finished book, or help promote it.

  • Please submit your personal information and manuscripts as two separate Word documents with a brief covering email.
  • Please note that we only engage directly with authors, not literary agents.
  • Because of limitations on distribution we are only open to authors based in the US, EU and UK.
  • Finished book length: 40,000-90,000 words.
  • No illustrations or cover images with submission.

We look forward to reading your work!

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