Pre-order now: Walking the Threads of Time by Gina Martin

We are so excited to let you know that book two in Gina Martin’s
When She Wakes trilogy is ready to pre-order. 

Walking the Threads of Time

by Gina Martin

will launch on Lughnasa – August 1st 2020 – a year to the day since the launch of Book one Sisters of the Solstice Moon.

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“Author, teacher and priestess Gina Martin has woven together visions of the mysteries of the Sacred Feminine from the past, present and future, with an evocative and sensual urgency…Lush with rich, descriptive language that carries the reader into the cultures and rituals she dreams into being, one has only to let oneself be carried deeply into the heart of these rites and the important spiritual messages they contain.”
Sharynne NicMhacha, scholar and author of The Divine Feminine in Ancient Europe, Celtic Myth and Religion, and Queen of the Night

Walking the Threads of Time by Gina Martin, Womancraft Publishing

About the Book

In lifetime after lifetime, she who was Atvasfara, High Priestess of Isis, seeks the others of the Thirteen as they appear – and disappear – in different configurations, genders and moments in human history from ancient Egypt and China, through medieval Europe, the Cree community in Canada, via Ghana and the battle fields of the First World War.

In this gripping sequel, the thirteen vision carriers first introduced in Sisters of the Solstice Moon face death and danger to serve the Goddess in the times when She is forbidden. Travel with them as they navigate through patriarchal history, seeking to save Her wisdom in the darkest of times.

Early Reader Feedback
“Walking the Threads of Time takes the characters we are introduced to in Sisters of the Solstice Moon through time and space, embodying history and throwing feminine light on eras we find familiar. I loved the chance to get to know these diverse characters deeper and grew to love them. Gina Martin writes with such grace and ease. This book is awe-inspiring on so many levels.”

“Captivating and entrancing. The characters stay with you long after you put the book down. This is magic realism at its most sacred feminine.”

You can start reading right now!
Grab your free e-sample of the book here AND PRE-ORDER YOUR COPY HERE (pre-orders close 17th July 2020 )

As you know, pre-orders on signed copies are available EXCLUSIVELY from Womancraft Publishing… it’s our way of saying THANK YOU for being here.

To celebrate the launch of pre-orders we are offering a 25% discount on Gina Martin’s first book in the series, Sisters of the Solstice Moon Kindle edition. Click HERE to buy on Kindle now.

And a 20% discount on the paperback from the Womancraft shop (no coupon code needed). Click HERE to buy the paperback now.


The first two UK/Ireland and US based pre-orders placed for Book 2, Walking the Threads of Time will receive a free audiobook of Book 1, Sisters of the Solstice Moon.

The first pre-order from mainland Europe will receive a joy pocket goddess in their choice of colour, which will be dispatched with their book in July.

All pre-order customers will receive a link to Gina Martin’s special Walking the Threads of Time Spotify playlist which provides a soundscape of the different times and cultures that the book travels through.

Plus an exclusive book mark with their signed copy.

Gina Martin author of Sisters of the Solstice Moon

About The Author

Gina Martin is a founding mother and High Priestess of Triple Spiral of Dún na Sidhe, a pagan spiritual congregation in the Hudson Valley. She is a ritualist, teacher, healer, mother, and writer of sacred songs.

Gina is a practitioner of Classical Chinese medicine and a Board certified licensed acupuncturist.

She lives as a steward of the land that previously held a village of the Ramapough Lenape where people can come together now to remember the Old Ways. She is kept company by her husband and dogs, as well as the Sidhe who live in the hills.

T & Cs

-The pre-order offer is only available for up to 4 copies to one address.
-Shipping is calculated according to your region, and is cheaper than it normally would be as we ship pre-orders in a bulk mailing.
-Any items ordered at the same time as a pre-order will be shipped along with the pre-order.
-Pre-order books will be dispatched on or by 20th July 2020. You will be notified by email when they have been sent.

Shipping Speeds

Sadly, due to Covid-19 restrictions we cannot currently ship to Australia, New Zealand, and most Asian countries. We will be in contact as soon as this changes. For other locations shipping times may be longer than usual.

We ship worldwide from here in Ireland. Typical estimated delivery times are as follows:
Ireland 1-2 working days
UK 3-5 working days
Mainland Europe 4-7 working days
US, Canada 10-14 working days

Bulk Orders
We offer a 20% discount for those wishing to purchase 5 copies or more of one title for book groups, red tents, healing communities etc. as well as discounted shipping. You can purchase these on our website and we will refund the 20% and extra shipping.

Bulk orders ship from our regional printers and come unsigned. Signed bookplates and bookmarks can be mailed to you from our offices on request – email us at

Wholesale Orders  
If you run a retail outlet in the US, Australia or Europe and would like to sell Walking the Threads of Time or any of our other Womancraft Publishing titles, please drop us an email and we’ll send you our current wholesale catalogue.

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Launch of Sisters of the Solstice Moon at the Goddess Festival

Gina Martin author of Sisters of the Solstice MoonWomancraft Publishing’s new author Gina Martin will be over from the US launching and reading from her new book, Sisters of the Solstice Moon. This free, non-ticketed event will take place on Thursday 1st at 5pm in the Nolava room at Goddess House, Magdalene Road, Glastonbury, UK.

Sisters of the Solstice Moon by Gina Martin, Womancraft PublishingThe conference runs from Tuesday 30th July to Sunday 4th August. There is an incredible line-up including Jane Meredith, Kathy Jones, Fleassy Malay and our own Lucy H. Pearce will be a keynote speaker and running two workshops.

There will be workshops, ceremonies and talks galore, and the chance to meet many Womancraft folk in one of the most sacred feminine places on the planet.

You can check out the amazing programme and book tickets HERE.

It would be so lovely to meet you there.

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Burning Woman – LIVE!

This is a wake-up call to the Burning Woman within you. A reminder.
These are burning times and they call for Burning Women.

Join author Lucy H. Pearce for a remembering through words, movement, and ceremony of the power of Burning Woman for the very first, and perhaps only, time in the UK, at the Goddess Conference, Glastonbury.

Lucy H. Pearce, author of Medicine Woman, Burning Woman, Moon Time and moreBurning Woman is a powerful image. A role model. A metaphor. A warning. A source of power. She is Feminine power incarnate.

Along with the deeply experienced facilitator, Tracy Evans, who walked alongside Lucy as she wrote and journeyed the material for the best-selling book, Burning Woman, Lucy will be leading you experientially through the inner landscape of Burning Woman over the course of a day.

For those who burn with passion, have been burned by shame and at another time or place would have been burned at the stake.

It is a juicy and packed day, full of ceremony, an exploration of the inner need to burn and the outer experience of being burned through movement, journaling and my WORD+image process, as well as readings from the book.
This is an invitation to reinhabit your powerful body. This is your time, come out of the shadows and burn brightly.

This is for you, Burning Woman… ARISE!

Come and experience the power and magic of Burning Woman.

Where: Goddess Conference, Glastonbury, UK
When: Monday 29th July 2019
Time: 10-4pm
Cost: £60

This is a fringe workshop, so you don’t need to attend the whole conference to participate.

Lucy will also be Keynote Speaker on ‘Fear, Power and Transformation‘ on Thursday 1st August during the Conference, and will be leading a 2.5 hour conference workshop called ‘Dancing with Fear’ on Saturday 3rd.

For more and to book

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To celebrate the first anniversary of Wild & WiseSacred Feminine Meditations for Women’s Circles & Personal Awakening by Amy Bammel Wilding, we have a special offer for you. Buy a copy of the book and receive free audio downloads of THREE of the meditations from the book: “The Power of No”, “Cerridwen” and “Winter Spiral”. AND one lucky US and UK customer will receive a download of the entire audio book in time for Christmas. 

1) Purchase a signed copy direct from the Womancraft webshop or a paperback or Kindle copy from Amazon before Winter Solstice Eve, Thursday 20th December, midnight GMT.

2) Email your receipt to

3). You’ll receive your meditations within 48 hours. These audio files can be listened to on our website, direct from your phone or computer or downloaded for later listening. (For a description of the meditations scroll to the end of this newsletter.)

More on the Three Wild & Wise Meditations

The Power of No

“No” is not a word we women are invited to own and use with authority. So conditioned are we to be pleasing and accommodating that we often forget that “no” is an option. Consequently, our most precious resources — our attention, our time, and our energy — are depleted as certainly as sands falling through an hourglass. Our well-being suffers as a result, and though we can often readily identify our feelings of being physically and emotionally exhausted, it can be difficult to make the initial connection between our ability to exercise our sovereignty and our overall spiritual health. When we tap into the wild and wise power of no, we give ourselves permission to selectively channel our Sacred Feminine resources, and to cultivate well-being and healing.

Cerridwen – Death & Rebirth

Cerridwen, the Welsh goddess of death and rebirth, challenges our modern western perspective that life and time are linear — with a specific starting point and a definite end — and instead invites us to embrace the cyclical example of nature. Death ensures new life; endings beget beginnings. When we embody the wild wisdom of Cerridwen, we welcome alignment with the timeless rhythms of nature, and open to the perspective that each ending ushers in the potency of a new beginning.

Winter Spiral

The custom of setting new year’s intentions on January 1st is no doubt the Gregorian appropriation of traditional winter solstice ceremonies. The longest night is indeed a potent time to pause and reflect on the year that has passed, releasing what no longer serves us in order to make space for our seeds of intention for the upcoming year. When we align with the Wheel of the Year and flow with the wild wisdom of the solstice, we invite ourselves to dwell thoughtfully in the close comfort of the womb-like darkness, and make preparations for the rebirth of the sun.

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Amy Bammel Wilding at the Parliament of World’s Religions

So proud to share that Amy Bammel Wilding Womancraft author of Wild & Wise: Sacred Feminine Meditations for Women’s Circles & Personal Awakening will be a speaker at the Parliament of World’s Religions this coming weekend in Toronto.

Her talk ‘Period of Change: The Positive Impact of Menarche Rites-of-Passage upon Women’s Lifelong Well-Being’ is on Saturday November 3 2018
3:15 PM – 4:00 PM
Room 602A

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Burning Woman on CNN

Burning Woman by Lucy H. Pearce. Womancraft PublishingLucy H. Pearce’s book, Burning Woman gets a mention on a new article:

In recently published books like “Witch: Unleashed. Untamed. Unapologetic.” and “Burning Woman,” the authors argue that the effects of the witch hunts are still being felt today. Men still occupy most positions of power. Women are still called names for expressing their sexuality and “crazy” when they get emotional or practice magic. But this gaslighting, the authors argue, has to stop. In “Burning Woman,” author Lucy H. Pearce opens by extolling the virtues of dancing naked around a bonfire.

The very things women were persecuted for during the witch burning times are the things that make them strong today, the authors argue: from the way they bring together sexuality and creativity to their natural fluctuations (emotional and physical) with the cycles of the moon and the seasons.

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Coming Soon… The Hero’s Heart by Melia Keeton-Digby

We’re so excited to share that we will be publishing Melia Keeton Digby’s second book – The Hero’s Heart next Spring. This is an answer to all the responses we had from mothers when we published The Heroine’s Club – “What about our sons?”

Melia Keeton-Digby

“Melia Keeton-Digby, author of The Heroine’s Club: A Mother-Daughter Empowerment Circle … uses her discerning expertise and intuitive spirituality to examine the crucial relationship between mothers and sons and how that relationship can provide a strong foundation for boys as they grow into men. Let this practical guide be your road map to helping boys navigate the challenges of toxic masculinity through a series of monthly group activities, inspirational quotes, and thoughtful advice on creating and running a “sacred circle” for boys.” ~Lori Day, educational psychologist and author of Her Next Chapter

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