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Home to Her by Liz Childs Kelly, Womancraft Publishing

Home to Her: Walking the Transformative Path of the Sacred Feminine

Liz Childs Kelly

Womancraft Publishing

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Release: October 2022
Paperback: ISBN 978-1-910559-80-2 | $16.99 | €14.99 | £12.99 | 9″x 6″ | 229x152mm | 280pp
eBook: ISBN: 978-1-910559-79-6
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Interview with Womancraft Founder Lucy Pearce. Join us as the tables are turned, and Lucy interviews Liz Kelly about her research into our sacred herstories, her own journey toward Sacred Feminine wisdom, and some of the most important lessons she’s learned from the many people she’s interviewed on the Home to Her podcast.

You will receive an invitation to join the interview on Zoom in your shipping confirmation email in October and we will offer you the chance to submit any questions you may have for Liz.

Liz’s Great Mother Meditation. Relax into this soothing, nourishing guided meditation to help you connect deeply with the Great Mother – that Divine Source of all life.

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Home to Her: Walking the Transformative Path of the Sacred Feminine takes us on a journey, personal and collective, through time and place, to remember and reconnect with the lost and stolen wisdom of the Sacred Feminine, an ancient Divine force known intimately by ancestral peoples around the world. While in some cultures She remains a vibrant, living force, in the West Her wisdom and traditions have been lost or buried by patriarchal religions and traditions.

Home to Her is packed with:

  • Stories and evidence demonstrating the power and presence of the ancient Sacred Feminine from every corner of the globe,
  • Insights into what Her wisdom represents, how it differs from other spiritual traditions and what it has to offer us today,
  • How to reconnect with the Sacred Feminine as a real, tangible force for good in your own life.

By reclaiming Her powerful wisdom, we reclaim our sovereignty and our ability to dream a more just, equitable dream for our future – one that honors the sacredness of all life.

Liz Childs Kelly is the host of the popular Home to Her podcast, which features interviews with some of the leading thinkers and practitioners of our time from diverse cultures, devoted to the Sacred Feminine.



This is a lyrical and honest evocation of the sacred feminine, and Liz Childs Kelly’s writing hums with the authentic passion of the feminine creative force. It’s a timely reminder that our inner navigation system, our intuition, is calling out to us as a “wayfinder” in these times. Across the world this guiding light has often been known as a feminine energy.

Seren Bertrand, author of Spirit Weaver, co-author of Womb Awakening and Magdalene Mysteries

Journey with Liz Childs Kelly on a sacred pilgrimage back to the loving arms of the Great Mother. Kelly’s warmth, inclusivity, and gentle prodding are the perfect guide back to your innately holy wisdom. A compelling and poignant read, I wholeheartedly recommend Home to Her.

Trista Hendren, Creatrix of ‘Girl God Books’

Home to Her is essential and inspiring reading for all those who hear the call to walk the path of the Sacred Feminine and reclaim the divine from the suffocating grip of patriarchy.
As more and more people are asking ‘what happened to Goddess the Mother?’ after these few thousand years of ‘God the Father’, Home To Her shares answers to this question while offering us healing medicine and a spiritual path rooted in the sacredness of all of life and the truth of your body and soul.
A fascinating and soul-nourishing book!

Stella Tomlinson, priestess and author of Cycles of Belonging

As I began reading Home to Her, I was transported back to my own experience in discovering the presence of the Goddess when she emerged in my consciousness and stirred in my blood and bones about 25 years ago. It was a time of void in my life, when the structures of my previous thoughtforms had collapsed. Somehow, I knew enough to not fill in the space, but to stay with the discomfort of the emptiness. It was in this emptiness I that began to hear a new voice from within: gentle, whispering, magnificent…and female. Like Liz Childs Kelly, my growing awareness of the sacred feminine was completely transformative for me, and like Liz, I knew I had to share the healing power of the experience with others – I had to share Her. Like Liz, I owe debt of gratitude to the women who came before me and opened important doors to our understanding of the sacred feminine historically and today.
Now, my heart soars to enjoy a new voice. Liz so beautifully shares her own journey with the sacred feminine in an illuminating, authentic, guided way that will be life-changing for her readers. She is indeed like the Pacific Island “wayfinders” she writes about – offering insights, reflections and exercises to guide readers in opening up to Her and all that She brings. In sisterhood, I send abundant, heartfelt blessings to Liz, as we join together and with others in sharing the healing message of the Goddess to a world that so needs Her.

Dale Allen, UNCSW NGO, In Our Right Minds, award-winning filmmaker (producer, director, presenter), author including best-selling co-author of Womb to Thrive, host of ‘The Core with Dale Allen’ ranked in the world’s top 10% of podcasts

Liz Kelly’s riveting feminist awakening takes her on a journey from her patriarchal Protestant upbringing to a series of astounding personal encounters with the Great Mother. Traveling through history and around the world, Kelly reclaims the Sacred Feminine both for herself and for readers who are sure to be both captivated and informed by this wise and inclusive spiritual primer.

Perdita Finn, author of Take Back the Magic and the co-founder with her husband Clark Strand of ‘The Way of the Rose’

In Home to Her, Liz Childs Kelly navigates a journey through fire and water, through history, imagination, the personal and political to ask: What if all the wisdom we need comes from the depths of our own hearts?
In her pursuit of a Divine Feminine, Childs Kelly interrogates both femininity and divinity to present readers with a healing medicine – acknowledging an intuitive knowledge and ability that lives within us all.

Amy Torok, co-author of Missing Witches: Recovering True Histories of Feminist Magic, and co-host of the ‘Missing Witches’ Podcast

Home to Her is a compelling narrative at once personal, herstorical, mystical, and exploratory. Liz’s voice is both gentle and fierce, weaving an engaging book that draws from personal experience – both mundane and mystical – family and ancestral experience, and the work of other foremothers, wayshowers, and theorists from years gone by.
Willing to wrestle with complex topics such as the legacy of colonialism and European appropriation of indigenous land, voices, stories, and traditions, Home to Her skilfully guides the reader across a multifaceted landscape of experiencing, questioning, exploring, and coming into relationship with the divine in our lives and our world.
Home to Her is a love song to the Sacred Feminine, in her many forms and faces, past, present, indwelling, and strong.

Molly Remer, MSW, D.Min., priestess, creatrix of #30DaysofGoddess and author of Womanrunes, Walking with Persephone and Whole and Holy

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