Moon Dreams

Moon Dreams Diary

Starr Meneely

Womancraft Publishing

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Release: September 2016
Paperback (2017): ISBN 978-1-910559-345 | $14.99 | £9.99 | 9″x 6″ | 228x152mm | 159pp
Categories: Health & Fitness / Women’s Health

A popular diary in 2017 and 2018, this is a simple yet powerful tool for charting your cycle and the moon and a gentle, guided introduction to this practice.

Moon Dreams would make a beautiful first moon gift for a special girl in your life who is coming of age, for a mother starting her cycles again after birth, for women charting their fertility, or any woman who has been searching for a supported way to chart her cycle.

The first part of the book introduces cycle charting and how and why women do it. The interactions between our menstrual cycles and the phases of the moon are explained and the importance of creativity and mindfulness as tools for self-care are explored.

The rest of the book is a beautifully illustrated week-on-two-page 2017 diary which gives space for each day’s appointments or reflections, alongside inspiring quotations to encourage you to reflect on your feelings, and space for your own affirmations. Each month has a page for additional guided reflection.

Moon Dreams nurtures mindfulness, reflectiveness and awareness of our body, feelings, menstrual cycle, and the cycle of the moon.

  • 52-week diary
  • Space to doodle
  • Beautiful illustrations to colour
  • Information on charting your cycle
  • Learn about the moon’s phases and how they affect you
  • Quotations to inspire and uplift
  • Private space to reflect

Used or gifted alongside Moon Time (for women) or Reaching for the Moon (for girls aged 9-14), Moon Dreams offers a practical tool that supports embodied learning and self-care.


The Moon Dreams Diary is a powerful tool to help you reconnect with your cycle whether you are trying to conceive or just understand yourself more. The elements of journaling, setting intentions, reflecting on the month and learning to tune in with your emotions through a cycle can guide you to make positive changes towards your health and happiness.
Sarah Rowe, Complementary Therapist specialising in Women’s Health and Fertility

I wish that I had had a diary like this from the start of my journey through womanhood. Firstly, what a lovely way to introduce a young girl to menses, giving her the tools to know her body and to learn to anticipate its needs. How empowering would that have been at the start of my own menstrual journey! Secondly, learning to chart your periods gives you powerful insight into your own patterns and rhythms. It was only after my periods restarted after my first child that I realised why – as a normally happy and positive person – I would have what I thought were random days where I felt positively suicidal, and like nothing in my life was worth it. I would wake up wishing to die! I started making note of those days and eventually realised that they would come the day before the first blood! That knowledge has been so empowering because now when I have those days, I am better able to manage them. With this diary, that self-awareness will become available to all women, whether you’re practising natural contraception or booking your holidays. The introspective affirmations, the positive quotes and being given ‘permission’ to be reflective can only help bring the user to a place of mindfulness, which in turn can only mean good things. I’m very excited to start the new year with this positive and unique journal.
Luschka van Onselen from Diary of a First Child

A progressive and positive idea for young women. By enjoying Moon Dreams, women can find insights about their unique bodies and emotions, and by learning to love their cycles, can improve their self-esteem and a positive outlook for a natural, healthy and happy life.
The Bountologist,  self-esteem and positive thinking expert

Moon Dreams is exactly what womanhood needs right now. This journal will set young women on a path of mindfulness, self-love and connection with the wild, beautiful, natural world around them. Moon Dreams has the potential to be life changing; it reclaims our menstrual cycle as a sacred, powerful experience, rather than the revolting weakness that modern society seems to view it as. Every woman needs to get her hands on a Moon Dreams journal!
Lucy AitkenRead, Lulastic and the Hippyshake

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