Gina Martin

Gina Martin author of Sisters of the Solstice Moon and Walking the Threads of Time

Gina Martin

Author of the epic When She Wakes trilogy: Sisters of the Solstice Moon (August 2019), Walking the Threads of Time (August 2020) and She is Here (June 2022).

Gina Martin is a founding mother and High Priestess of Triple Spiral of Dún na Sidhe, a pagan spiritual congregation in the Hudson Valley. She is a ritualist, teacher, healer, mother, wife, lover of Irish Wolfhounds, and writer of sacred songs. She has helped to create RISE (Revivers of Indigenous Spiritualities and Eco-systems), an organization dedicated to protecting and promoting indigenous and pagan belief structures and the lands that support them.

Gina is a practitioner of Classical Chinese medicine and a Board certified licensed acupuncturist having been a longtime student of Dr. Jeffrey Yuen, 88th generation Jade Purity sect. She has served as chair and board member of the NY State Board of Massage Therapy. As a Shiatsu Sensei and head of the Eastern Studies department at the Swedish Institute College of Allied Health Sciences she helped design the degree-granting curriculum and wrote the text The Shiatsu Workbook. She has acted as a consultant to national accrediting bodies and state boards to enhance the professional standards for somatic therapies.

She lives as a steward of the land that previously held a village of the Ramapough Lenape where people can come together now to remember the Old Ways. She is kept company by her husband and dogs, as well as the Sidhe who live in the hills.

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