Molly Remer

Molly Remer author of Walking with Persephone

Molly Remer

Author of Walking with Persephone (September 2021).

Molly Remer has been gathering the women to circle, sing, celebrate, and share since 2008. She is a priestess, creatrix, and teacher who holds MSW, M.Div, and D.Min degrees and wrote her dissertation about contemporary priestessing in the U.S.

Molly and her husband Mark co-create Story Goddesses, original goddess sculptures, ceremony kits, mini goddesses, and more at Brigid’s Grove. Her previous books are Womanrunes, Earthprayer, the Goddess Devotional, She Lives Her Poems, Sunlight on Cedar, Whole and Holy, and The Red Tent Resource Kit and she writes about thealogy, nature, practical priestessing, and the goddess at Patreon, Brigid’s Grove, Feminism and Religion, and Sage Woman Magazine.

Molly lives, works, writes, and creates with her family in her straw bale house and tiny temple in rural Missouri.

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