Patricia Lemos and Ana Afonso

Patrícia Lemos and Ana Afonso

Patrícia Lemos and Ana Afonso

Co-authors of The Goddess in You (April 2017).

Patrícia Lemos is a practicing hypnotherapist, fertility coach and menstrual educator with a Master’s Degree in Public Health. She is passionate about girls having positive education during puberty and supporting their mothers during this very important and foundational transition.

Ana Afonso is an artist with a 5-year degree in Fine Art and a Masters in Drawing. She is currently writing her PhD thesis on graphic design about picturebooks and ‘authorstrators’. Now and then Ana is a teacher or a graphic designer but most of the time she’s a happy, free spirited illustrator. You can catch her running or biking at daybreak collecting photos of the sunrise over the river Tagus – a ritual that combines what she calls “active meditation” with being grateful for living in such a wonderful city as Lisbon. (yoga, kayaking and swimming are also on the list).

Ana believes everyone can be empowered by imagery and archetypes, so, whenever she finds it, she tries to capture the healthy running wolf, the burning rising woman, the goddesses in us! See more of her work on the site and the sunrises on instagram: /

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