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Book Club

What’s even better than books? Sharing them with like-minded people.

Announcing the launch of the brand new Womancraft Book Club!

Womancraft was founded on the idea of community-building around books. We have heard from book clubs around the world that have enjoyed reading and discussing our books…so we’ve decided to host our own virtual Book Club – and you’re invited!

Now’s your chance to read along with the Womancraft community and join our authors for exclusive Book Club events. They will read from their book, give you a behind-the-scenes glimpse of how and why they wrote it, as well as the opportunity to ask them your own burning questions about it.

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How it works

Book Club will run every two months, featuring a different Womancraft book and author each time. We have a fabulous line up planned. Join Womancraft Publishing founder Lucy H. Pearce in conversation with our featured authors, as well as an insightful discussion of how and why the book was written and its themes, the author will read from their book, offer a ritual, exercise or meditation and give an opportunity for you to ask questions.

Book Club is FREE to attend, but you must book ahead. Places are limited to 100 each time, on a first come, first served basis. We hope to offer a recording of each Book Club for those who cannot attend live.

We will email you around 6 weeks before to let you know which book is featured and offer you a 10% discount off a signed copy in the Womancraft shop. You are more than welcome to join the club if you have the book already or if you purchase it elsewhere.

So to take part follow these steps:

1) order the book (if you don’t have it already)

2) sign up to the mailing list for each book club (see below). You will receive three emails in total – one with the invitation link to for the Zoom call with our featured author, one reminder (you may reply to either of these to submit your questions to the author), and finally one with a replay link in case you are unable to attend live.

3) receive and read the book

4) submit your questions for the author to us by email

5) attend the virtual book club via Zoom

Book Club #1: July, 2022

Gina Martin — Sisters of the Solstice Moon — Priestessing in the Future: the loss of goddess culture and rise of patriarchy

Thank you so much to all who joined the first Womancraft Book Club.

 We so enjoyed hearing Gina talk about her book Sisters of the Solstice Moon and thank you for all your questions.

You can watch a replay of our first book club by clicking here.
You will need the following passcode: u6q!8nEG

About the Book

On the Winter Solstice, thirteen women across the world see the same terrifying vision. Their world is about to experience ravaging destruction. All that is now sacred will be destroyed. Each answers the call, to journey to Egypt, and save the wisdom of the Goddess:

She who is Kali Ma from the jungles of Arya, Tiamet from the Roof of the World, Badh of the Cailleach from the land of Eiru, Awa from the Land of Yemaya, Uxua of Ix Chel from the Yucatan, Parasfahe from the Land of Inanna… all racing against time and history to bring us their story.

This is the history before history. This is herstory, as it emerged.

Sisters of the Solstice Moon is the first book in the ‘When She Wakes’ trilogy, followed by Walking the Threads of Time and the newly released finale She is Here. All available to buy now from our webshop and all good booksellers.

About The Author

Gina Martin is a founding mother and High Priestess of Triple Spiral of Dún na Sidhe, a pagan spiritual congregation in the Hudson Valley. She is a ritualist, teacher, healer, mother, and writer of sacred songs.

Gina is a practitioner of Classical Chinese medicine and a Board certified licensed acupuncturist.

She lives as a steward of the land that previously held a village of the Ramapough Lenape where people can come together now to remember the Old Ways. She is kept company by her husband and dogs, as well as the Sidhe who live in the hills.

Book Club #2: September, 2022

Lucy H. Pearce — She of the Sea — Diving into the Depths of the Sacred Feminine

At September’s live virtual Book Club you will hear Lucy read from and talk about the book and have a chance to ask your questions. Some of the contributors to the book will also be present and there will be a short She of the Sea ritual. It is going to be really lovely and we hope you can come!

Get your copy of She of the Sea HERE with a 10% discount.

Sign up to the She of the Sea Book Club mailing list HERE to receive the Zoom link.

About the Book

The tenth book from bestselling author of Burning Woman, Medicine Woman, Moon Time and Creatrix, Lucy H. Pearce.

She of the Sea is a lyrical exploration of the call of the sea and the depth of our connection to it, rooted in the author’s personal experience living on the coast of the Celtic Sea, in Ireland.

This book spans from coastal plants to the colour blue, pebbles to prayer, via shapeshifting and suicidal ideation, erosion and immersion, cold water swimming and water birth, seaweed and cyanotypes, from Japanese freedivers and Celtic sea goddesses, selkies to surfing, and mermaids to Mary.

She of the Sea is a strange and wonderful deep dive into the inner sea and the Feminine, exploring where the real and the magical, the salty and the sacred meet, within and without, and what implications this has for us as both individuals…and a species in these tumultuous times.

Dreamlike, meditative, poetic, She of the Sea is a love song. To the ocean. To becoming. To magic. To freedom.

With contributions from thirty sea-loving artists, musicians, cold water swimmers, mothers, environmental educators, witches, mermaids, priestesses and writers from around the world, who share their love for the stretch of sea they call home, from the Irish Sea to the Caribbean, via the Mediterranean and the North Sea, the Pacific and the Atlantic.

Lucy H. Pearce, author of Medicine Woman, Burning Woman, Moon Time and more

About the Author

Lucy H. Pearce is driven by a need to create, connect and inspire. A best-selling author, vibrant artist, respected publisher and editor, her work focuses on self-knowledge and healing through creativity, archetypes and cyclical living. She gives voice to the soul: the spiritual, the liminal, the darkness and discomfort and the magical in the midst of the mundane. Often described as raw, authentic and life-changing, her work encourages authentic paths to self-expression and is celebrated particularly by highly sensitive and neurodivergent women.

She is drawn to connecting with the seasons of the soul and world through her books, painting, digital art making, clay work, photography and seasonal spirals – made of pebbles, seaweed, leaves and more. She is ever drawn back to the circle and spiral and in her personal practice she loves circle dance, women’s ritual, sacred space and music.

Her award-winning books include: Burning Woman; Creatrix – she who makes; Moon Time; Medicine Woman and her most recent, She of the Sea.

Lucy is the founder and creative director of Womancraft Publishing, established in 2014, which publishes life-changing, paradigm-shifting books by women, for women. She is the mother of three and lives on the south coast of Ireland.

Book Club #3: November, 2022

Wendy Havlir Cherry — The Mistress of Longing — Learning to Say Yes to your Longing

Details to be announced soon…

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