Full Circle Health

Full Circle Health: integrated health charting for women by Lucy H. Pearce, Womancraft Publishing
Full Circle Health: 3-month charting journal by Lucy H. Pearce, Womancraft Publishing

Full Circle Health:
integrated health charting for women

Lucy H. Pearce

Womancraft Publishing

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Release: June 2017
Paperback (Guidebook): ISBN 978-1-910559-222 | $19.99 | £14.99 | 8.5″x 11″ | 216x279mm | 170pp
Paperback (3-Month Charting Journal): ISBN 978-1-910559-383 | $19.99 | £14.99 | 8.5″x 11″ | 216x279mm | 246pp
Categories: Health & Fitness / Women’s Health / General

What happens when we pay attention to all the information our bodies and minds are presenting us with?
What happens when we dare to be truly present to the intricacies of our lives?
What happens when we integrate cyclical ways of knowing and being into our daily lives?

Welcome to Full Circle Health: a creative approach to holistic health for all who love planners, trackers and bullet journals to guide and support you in a greater understanding of your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Whether you are menstruating or not, pregnant or post-partum, Full Circle Health provides a highly flexible, deeply supportive way of tracking your health, whatever your current health conditions.

Find guidance on:

  • Cycles and why they are important for women’s health
  • Health charting for a variety of physical and mental health conditions
  • Menstrual charting
  • Lunar charting
  • Dream charting
  • Guided journaling

With 35 daily charting spreads, a monthly habit tracker, planner, and charting grid, this integrated tool will help you to track symptoms, medication, self-care, energy levels, build positive habits and mindful awareness.

A 3-month charting journal is also available as a complement to this guidebook. It contains 3 full sets of Daily and Monthly Charting pages for those who are familiar with the guidebook and would like to continue journaling in one beautiful bound volume. (This title is available from Amazon.)

Blank pages for printing are also available to purchase from our shop. Please note that these pages are available in two different page sizes: A4 size for UK/European/rest of world customers, and Letter size for US/Canada customers.

Full Circle Health by Lucy H. Pearce, Womancraft PublishingFull Circle Health by Lucy H. Pearce, Womancraft Publishing


Appreciating the cyclical nature of women’s bodies is the key to unlocking the “mysteries” of our health. Detailed charting is an invaluable tool for achieving a deeper understanding of symptoms and patterns, often yielding insights missed by conventional medical practice. An accessible guide for all women to help them begin this empowering journey.
Rebecca Cohen, M.D., Obstetrician, holistic women’s health specialist, www.fullcirclelouisville.com

Another amazing book and useful tool by Lucy H. Pearce. Charting was easy to do, as the explanation of how to use the book was very clear. I appreciate how it covered healing topics in a succinct manner so a reader gets the idea (if they have no experience in that particular area, for example, moon cycles) nicely planting seeds, which invite readers to learn more in this area. I will be recommending this book to clients working to heal digestive issues & food intolerances, yoga students, menstrual & fertility health clients, PTSD suffers, abuse victims, and pregnant-postpartum-nursing mommas… to name a few.
Paula Youmell, RN, Wise Woman Nurse®, www.PaulaYoumellRN.com 

For anyone who wants to have a deeper connection to themselves or a way to commit to changes in their health and well-being, Full Circle Health is a must-have.
I first became aware of the cyclical nature of my body and mind through Lucy’s book Moon Time. This book takes this knowledge to a new level of awareness. It is a hugely helpful and practical toolbox for anyone wanting to dive deeper into themselves or just increase their awareness on a day-to-day basis. I work with many pregnant and postpartum women and think this will be an invaluable way of charting all the changes that happen in both these periods.
As always with Lucy H. Pearce, it is a gorgeous book to read and very easy to use. I am enjoying the ritual of waking up and filling in my daily pages which has resulted in my journaling regularly again for the first time in many years. This book is exactly what I was looking for and everything I needed.

Mary Tighe, Doula (CD)DONA, GentleBirth Instructor, co-owner of DoulaCare Ireland. www.BirthingMamas.ie

This is a book that is truly going to help me identify pain triggers, moods, creativity and so much more. I’m a huge advocate for self-care but usually neglect myself. Full Circle Health gives me the opportunity and a reason to sit down quietly and think about how I’m feeling, and document it. I’m now putting my health first, and that is a pretty big step for me. I’m looking forward to being able to identify my pain triggers, when they happen and how long for, to allow better care from my consultant.
Tamsin Hopkins, EcoFluffyMama.com, Winner 2017 UK Blog Awards (Green & Eco)

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