Mother in the Mother

Mother in the Mother, by Pippa Grace

Mother in the Mother

Pippa Grace

Womancraft Publishing

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Release: October 2019
Paperback: ISBN 978-1910559-47-5 | €10.99 | $12.99 | £9.99 | 9″x 6″ | 228x152mm | 192pp
eBook: ISBN 978-1910559-46-8
Categories: Parenting / Family & Relationships / Pregnancy & Birth

A thoughtful anthology of women’s voices, exploring their maternal lineage. With a foreword by Naomi Stadlen, best-selling author of What Mothers Do

Whilst much has been written about the complexity of the mother/daughter relationship, Mother in the Mother explores new territory by looking at the three-way relationship between grandmother, mother and child.

Diverse, rich, celebratory, challenging, sometimes painful and ultimately uplifting… together the stories in Mother in the Mother illuminate how the strength of maternal love can have the power to heal and overcome adversity.

When a woman becomes a mother, it is often a time she reflects back upon the way she herself was mothered. Our maternal inheritance from our mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and beyond can have a powerful influence upon the ways in which we bring up our own children.

Featuring the voices of over fifty mothers from a diverse range of ages, cultural backgrounds and experiences.

Exploring themes including: love, loss, healing, young motherhood, family estrangement, mental and physical health, maternal ambiguity, twin pregnancy and adoption.

Guidance on creating your own healing, creative projects based on the activities used in Mother in the Mother workshops.



This book is a compelling archive for the complex and ambivalent experiences of motherhood. In holding all these “stories within stories” , Pippa reveals all too often unseen and unspoken matrlineal memories and moments. In making space for the very personal she reminds the reader of the what is radically political – human connection. She demonstrates a profoundly generous metholodgy invaluable for anyone wanting to understand contemporary motherhood, memory, ethics and the power of storytelling.
Dr Alex Wardrop, daughter, writer, mama

This beautiful project came along at a timely moment, I had just returned back to work at the Arts Council after having my first child. Mother in the Mother by Pippa Grace is a thought provoking piece, relevant and resonant for every mother, but inspiring and moving for everyone.
Nema Hart, Relationship Manager Arts Council England

Timely and necessary, Mother in the Mother is a thought-provoking and vital read. Highly recommended for anyone wishing to learn more about the value and importance of mothers.
Dr Teika Bellamy, Mother’s Milk Books

Mother in the Mother is an important resource for understanding our maternal lineage, and illustrates the importance of women having thoughtful spaces such as the ones Pippa facilitated to explore their significance. What inspired me in reading these stories is how mothers manage, often with few resources, to surpass their own experiences of being mothered as they become mothers themselves. Mother in the Mother’s unique focus on intergenerational relations between grandmothers, mothers and daughters situates these often neglected relationships in new ways. Pippa Grace has generously shared her insights from years of artistic practice with mothers which will be invaluable to all those who want to centre and deconstruct motherhood in their work.
Dr Maud Perrier, Senior Lecturer in Sociology, University of Bristol

Pippa Grace has created a healing space for women to reclaim their Motherlines. This collection of women’s stories from a rich diversity of cultures and backgrounds illuminates the intimate details of women’s mysteries – how the embodied experience of giving birth can transform a woman’s sense of self and the sacred in her relationship to her mother, her child and her female body.
Grace is a midwife to women’s souls, bringing to contemporary lives the ancient wisdom of the Triple Goddess – personified on earth as daughter-mother-grandmother. Mother in the Mother is a gift for those who are mothers and/or have mothers.

Naomi Ruth Lowinsky, author of The Motherline: Every Woman’s Journey to Find Her Female Roots

Mother in the Mother is full of powerful words and powerful stories about a most powerful subject: our maternal heritage and relationships. The voices of the women, together with Pippa’s insight, form a roadmap of wisdom to navigate the twists and turns of our own maternal journeys and to cross the bridge from daughter to mother with joy and strength.
Vanessa Olorenshaw, author of Liberating Motherhood

Through her groundbreaking book, Mother in the Mother, Pippa Grace harnesses the power of one of our oldest teaching tools and healing arts — storytelling — to illuminate the wisdom of the Motherline. With encouragement and care, Pippa offers an empowering path for our most important stories to be examined, shared, and healed.
Melia Keeton Digby, author of The Heroines Club and The Hero’s Heart

This brave piece of work dares to shed light on one of our most intimate relationships, revealing the flaws, truths and hopes inherent in being a mother.
Alison Hitchcock

Pippa has taken the most primal of relationships, mother daughter, and gracefully managed to raise awareness of how that experience continues, down the line as daughter becomes mother. I love the different stories from different women, the acceptance that the relationship between mother and daughter can be many things, but is a significant one. Raising awareness of how mother sits within us as we mother is such a welcome exploration, inviting women to parent with increased awareness and understanding, and compassion. I absolutely loved reading this book.
Dominique Sakoilsky, family and relationship therapist

A fascinating and powerful exploration of motherhood across generations. I loved the personal stories, and the clear sense that the Mother in the Mother project was an enriching experience for all who took part.
Emylia Hall, novelist and founder of Mothership Writers

Mother in the Mother is a beautiful book, born out of a long and careful process of enquiry, creativity, conversation, and most of all intelligent listening.
Creative practice and personal reflection run throughout, and I love how much the care taken by Pippa, and her truly collaborative approach has enabled so many women to tell their personal stories. These are “the unwritten stories’ so important to us all and I think crucial for us to hear to help us understand our own often complex relationships.
They are intensely personal but also speak to us all – as the book says, “every new mother was once a women’s new infant”. There is joy and there is sadness but mostly there is hope and a growing understanding of what is to share lineage and be a part of something bigger and beyond our control.

Dr. Carolyn Hassan

Pippa Grace’s anthology Mother in the Mother is a vital documentation of the mythical and yet very raw, real power and influence of the matrilineal relationship which is rarely given proper voice and space within our patriarchal culture – the mysteries, magic and maelstroms – you will find it all here.
Matilda Leyser, Founder of Mothers Who Make

Mother in Mother is an essential collective reflection on the roles of mothers across times and cultures, an unveiling and revealing storytelling of women’s linages as a way forward to heal our future.
Dyana Gravina, Procreate Project founder and creative director

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