Red Tents

Red Tents by Mary Ann Clements and Aisha Hannibal, Womancraft Publishing

Red Tents: Unravelling our Past and Weaving a Shared Future

Mary Ann Clements and Aisha Hannibal

Womancraft Publishing

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Each Red Tent is a unique reflection of the community of women who create it. But these varied spaces share something in common.

  • The longing for connection and belonging.
  • The sharing of how we are feeling and who we are in our lives.
  • The nourishment of ourselves and each other.
  • The slowing down, the rest, the replenishment.
  • The simple act of sharing time and space with a group of women.
  • The opportunity to let go of the other responsibilities in our lives

When women come together, magic happens. We know this to be true from our own experience. And we have also seen that something else happens too when these communities grow: they can become a beacon to others.

Red Tents weaves together the voices and experiences of many women to create a shared story about the role Red Tents can play in our lives. We document our shared hope, vision and dream – Red Tents as liberatory community spaces for women around the world.

Full of inspiration and practical learning, along with questions and practices to support and stimulate discussion about some of the challenges Red Tents face. Red Tents is written by the founders of the Red Tent Directory, including interviews with over seventy women from diverse backgrounds who run Red Tents, this book provides the practical support women need to establish and sustain a Red Tent in their own community.

  • Common challenges and how to overcome them
  • Building Red Tent spaces that are liberatory and challenge oppression
  • Leading together and making your tent sustainable

This book provides you with inspiring, grounded, tried and tested advice for creating a safer and more inclusive space.

Release: March 2021
Paperback: ISBN 978-1-910559-57-4 | $16.99 | €14.99 | £12.99 | 9″x 6″ | 229x152mm |
eBook: ISBN: 978-1-910559-56-7
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A must-read for women who are yearning to create Red Tent sisterhood. This book captures the magic of the global Red Tent movement and provides new insight about how to celebrate and honor what it means to be a woman.
Isadora Leidenfrost, PhD, Red Tent movie filmmaker of Things We Don’t Talk About and author of The Red Tent Movement: A Historical Perspective

In this fast moving and ever changing world the need for Red Tent spaces is bigger than ever. With this powerful and at times challenging book, Mary Ann and Aisha offer a guide to how the Red Tent’s of now and the future can unpick old ideas and offer brave, intersectional spaces where all voices can be heard. Whether you’re new to the ways of the Red Tent or an experienced circle leader, this is a much needed and visionary book, with input from a range of experiences sharing how the Red Tent has the potential to co-create healing and learning communities for the benefit of all.
Awen Clement, founder of The Earth House

Brilliant. Brilliant. Brilliant.

This book is so so important in opening up a vital conversation for those facilitating spaces for women – it feels like absolute gold dust. What is explored here is what I feel has been missing from the core values of many groups within the red tent movement and womens sacred circles. For those of striving for and creating more inclusive spaces It is long overdue and I am very grateful to the writers for putting what many of us have been feeling and exploring into this very clear and well written book. I will be buying copies for everyone i know and recommending it far and wide. Thank you.
Clare Jasmine Beloved

Refreshing, renewing, restorative and indeed, revolutionary, this book nourishes a community-based approach to Red Tents that is both anti-oppressive and expansive, guiding you into the terrain of the liberatory, while simultaneously honoring the messy, embodied complexity of doing this world-changing work. This book is a good addition to the resource library of the global Red Tent movement as a whole.
Molly Remer

This book is a radical manifesto. It is an honest and practical manual both challenging and reassuring by turns. Draw the curtains, pull up a comfy chair and settle down to listen to this collective weave of many voices including your own as you answer the many thoughtful questions it contains. Find out what being in a Red Tent could mean for you. This book will enrich and improve many people’s experience of being in groups. A wise guide to making change one rest at a time.
Liz Rothschild, author of Outside the Box – Everyday Stories of Death, Bereavement and Life, actor, funeral celebrant and founder of Westmill Woodland Burial Ground

This book is a bold and courageous antidote to racism, oppression and exclusion. The authors offer a step by step guide to creating liberatory Red Tent spaces where women share collective leadership, listen deeply to one another without trying to fix anything, and inclusion is a central pillar holding up the tent. The reflective questions peppered through the book encourage a personal journey for the reader. I highly recommend this book for any woman wanting to set up or participate in a Red Tent.
Nicola Kurk, Shadow Work trainer, facilitator and coach

Red Tents is a practical and deeply insightful invitation to firstly look at how you are nourished within your own inner world, and then to consider how you may work in collaboration with others to co-create Red Tent spaces which are truly welcoming and accessible to all of the women who may feel drawn to be held in the deeply calm, inclusive and courageous space Red Tents have the potential to be and to become. An invaluable resource for everyone creating and holding safe spaces for women’s authentic sharing, showing up and connection.
Clare Cooper, author of Milestones of Motherhood

I appreciate this very thorough examination of the many issues facing the hosting of red tents including cultural appropriation, gender issues, white woman spirituality and more. So much food for thought to help those who have not had the experience of forming a red tent by the many lessons learned through the authors. Mary Ann and Aisha put much thought and consideration into how to bring women together for connection, inspiration and healing. And then they went back, amidst the COVID pandemic to include virtual red tents and how this vital work can continue in today’s current environment creating this vital resource for those currently hosting red tents and those who wish to do so.
Cayrn MacGrandle, creator of

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