The Goddess in You

The Goddess in You by Patricia Lemos and Ana Afonso, Womancraft Publishing

The Goddess in You

Patrícia Lemos and Ana Afonso

Womancraft Publishing

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Release: April 2017
Paperback: ISBN 978-1-910559-352 | $8.99 | £6.99 | 8″x 8″ | 203x203mm | 48PP
Categories: Body, Mind & Spirit / Inspiration & Personal Growth

The Goddess in You is especially created for girls aged 9-14 years, offering a unique, interactive approach to establishing cycle awareness, positive health and well-being.

It contains thirteen beautifully designed cycle mandalas, each illustrated with a goddess from Greek mythology. Inspired by the archetypical work of the Jungian psychoanalysts, Clarissa Pinkola Estès and Jean Shinoda Bolen, The Goddess in You is a tool that
works on many different levels. Through the charting of their menstrual cycle, girls will learn about their cyclical nature, internal rhythms and get a better understanding of their interaction with their own physical body. The goddess archetypes offer a diverse selection of female characteristics to inspire and model, helping to develop self-awareness, and self-acceptance and to celebrate the diversity of all the girls and women in each girl’s life.

Easy to understand and attractive to use, this powerful book celebrates what it means to be a girl growing into womanhood.

– 13 double sided cycle mandalas illustrated with goddesses
– Instructions for use
– An introduction to the 13 featured Greek goddesses
– A basic, age-appropriate introduction to the menstrual cycle
– Self-care tips for health and well-being



The Goddess in You is more than a simple cycle tracking resource; it is the tool that has been missing from the pro-period generation’s toolkit. The empowered embodiment of our daughters depends upon not only their menstrual education, but the connection to their sacred nature. With the goddess archetype as their foundation our daughters are given the blueprint to grow into powerful wise women.
Amy Bammel Wilding, author of Maiden’s Journey: A Coming-of-Age Circle for Mothers & Daughters

A beautiful resource… Both psychologically sophisticated and delightfully simple to use, I warmly recommend this book to girls, parents and schools.
Jane Bennett, author of A Blessing Not a Curse

A simple and beautiful invitation to help girls build a relationship with their menstrual cycle. We highly recommend this book for all young menstruating women.
Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer, co-authors of Wild Power

The Goddess in You offers a powerful, creative, and developmentally appropriate path for girls to get to know and love their bodies, menstrual cycles and selves even deeper.
Melia Keeton Digby, author of The Heroines Club: a mother-daughter empowerment circle

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