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Womancraft Publishing is proud to celebrate not just the words, but the images of talented women too.

Jessica RouxCover of Kitchen Witch

Jessica Roux, creator of the image ‘Forage’ used for the cover of Kitchen Witch, is a Nashville-based freelance illustrator and plant and animal enthusiast. She loves exploring in her own backyard and being surrounded by an abundance of nature. Using subdued colours and rhythmic shapes, she renders flora and fauna with intricate detail reminiscent of old world beauty. / @jessicasroux

Katja PerezCover of Cycles of Belonging

Katja Perez, creator of the image ‘Magic Hands’ used for the cover of Cycles of Belonging, is a German-American illustrator, graphic designer, and web designer currently living in Germany with her husband, twin boys, dog Ralph, and cat Princess Arthur. She loves creating artwork traditionally with pen, ink, watercolor, or oil paint just as much as drawing and painting digitally. Her art style is often described as playful and feminine with a cosmic vibe. She pulls inspiration from everyday chaotic life, balancing motherhood, a day job, and freelancing but also loves exploring otherworldly themes and stories like fairy tales, folklore, and fantasy.

Tara TurnerCover of Muddy Mysticism

Tara Turner, creator of the image ‘Holding in Gold’ used for the cover of Muddy Mysticism, is a self-taught digital artist and photographer who lives in the Similkameen Valley in British Columbia, Canada. Her digital artworks are inspired by the colours of changing seasons and the magical energy flow of the forest. She spends her free time roaming the mountains and along the banks of the Similkameen River, where she creates artworks created from fallen leaves, driftwood, wild flowers and river stones.

Leigh MillarCover of Red Tents

Leigh Millar was commissioned to make the papercut for the cover of Red Tents. She has always enjoyed dabbling in different arts and crafts – from painting and drawing to sewing and felting. In recent years she has found a love for the simple delicacy of handmade papercut designs.

Self-taught, Leigh has run papercutting workshops and takes commissions for her work. She is a mum of three living in a little cottage by the sea in the south of Ireland, and a much-loved and valued member of the Womancraft office team!

Angie LathamCover of The Way of the Seabhean

Creator of the cover image for The Way of the Seabhean, Angie Latham’s work is somewhere between enhanced reality and angelic fantasy. She uses her own photographs to create unique scenes inspired by the Magic, Legends and Folklore of the British Isles. Because Angela uses real photographs in her artwork she manages to create images far more realistic than just drawing or painting can often achieve, enabling the onlooker to feel as if they have entered a real life magical realm.
“I have always been interested in and drawn towards the mystical and the magical. From an early age I was interested in ancient landscapes, ruined castles and the stories and folklore attached to them. I cannot remember a time when I wasn’t intensely aware of the natural world around me, the energy of living things and the magic of the stars.”

Hannah DansieCover of Yin Magic

Creator of the cover image for Yin Magic, Hannah Dansie’s work draws from influences derived from iconoclasm, mythology, and the natural environment. Using familiar imagery and symbolism her images try to illustrate the connections that go unseen between ourselves and the natural world, while creating a sense of nostalgia for the dreamlike world of fairytales and folklore. All works are created in acrylic, ink, and gouache. Hannah was born and raised near the redwoods and beaches of Northern California. She studied fine art at Central Saint Martin’s University in London, England, where she graduated with a BFA Honors degree in 2004. She works and resides in Madison County, NC with her loving husband and daughter. Her work has been shown in Asheville at The Satellite Gallery, The Center for Visual Artists in Greensboro NC, The Red Truck Gallery in New Orleans LA, The Convent Philly in Philadelphia PA, and The Gristle Gallery in Brooklyn NY. You can find a large collection of her prints and originals on permanent display at The Horse and Hero in Asheville, NC.

Adriana HristovaCover of Yoga for Witches

Adriana Hristova, creator of the cover image for Yoga for Witches, is a Bulgarian based freelance visual artist and illustrator. She has a bachelor degree in Fine arts, a master’s degree in Printmaking and is currently working as a Visual arts teacher. Her artworks are deeply inspired by nature and all its living creatures, paganism, mythology, folklore, naïve art and often carry a symbolic meaning or a universal message. Through her art, Adriana wishes to inspire love and appreciation for everything that surrounds us – the seen and unseen, the small and the large, the material and the spiritual.

Lisbeth Cheever-GeesamanCover of The Mistress of Longing

Lisbeth Cheever-Gessaman, creator of the cover image for The Mistress of Longing, is a visual artist that merges technology with traditional mediums to create new interpretations which serve as spiritual offerings and prayers to the Divine. Using a flexible range of tangible media across a wide range of surfaces and contexts, the work produced is a union of the creative all-soul which explores shamanic and mythological constructs by incorporating art and talisman to create a (third) phenomena, or magical reality. This augmentation of discrete phenomena is dedicated to the celebration of the holy feminine, and an offering of beauty and praise to the sacred, invisible world that gives us life.
She is the illustrator of “The Divine Feminine Oracle”, “The Spellcasting Oracle”, and “The Sutras of Unspeakable Joy” by Meggan Watterson. She creates and lives in the eclectic mountain town of Manitou Springs, CO.


Iris O'SullivanShe is Here by Iris O'Sullivan, cover of She is HereCreation by Iris O'Sullivan, cover of Walking the Threads of TimeCommunity in Orange, Iris O'Sullivan. Cover of Sisters of the Solstice Moon

Iris O’Sullivan, creator of ‘Community in Orange’ for Sisters of the Solstice Moon, ‘Creation’ for Walking the Threads of Time and ‘She is Here’ for She is Here, was born in Australia, lived in the UK and finally settled in California to raise her four children. Iris now lives on Maui teaching art therapy, and the understanding of color in relation to the soul to international groups. Iris strives to reveal the invisible transparent soul movements through her art.


Hulya OzdemirKeep in Mind, Hulya Ozdemir. Cover of Medicine Woman

Hülya OZDEMIR, creator of ‘Keep in Mind’ for Medicine Woman, is an illustrator and painter of watercolour portraits. Born in Istanbul in 1972, she has been living in Bodrum in the South Aegean for three years.

One of the ‘The Printemps des Artistes’ (The Spring of the Artists) artists, she has had two solo exhibitions and participated in two group exhibitions for charity. Her art has appeared on magazines and books around the world.

Although she focuses on predominantly female portraits, she does not set any restrictions on her drawings. What guides her is the understanding that a woman is a person who still struggles to exist in a male-dominated society, imprisoned in a role based on maintaining norms of society: tradition, morality, and family triangles, as an asset whose desires, vulnerabilities and worries often do not reflect her own feelings. In her artwork we see women becoming increasingly self-confident, re-establishing their human identity, as the artist enriches the exposition of these inner worlds with patterns.


Elspeth Mclean

ELSPETH McLEAN, creator of ‘Mandala of Inspiration’ and ‘Keep a loving Heart Mandala’ for Full Circle Health: integrated health charting for women and the accompanying charting journal, is a visual artist based in BC, Canada. Elspeth creates her soul engaging, colourful and intricate artworks entirely out of dots made with acrylic paint and a paintbrush. For Elspeth, painting dots is a meditative and grounding experience.

Elspeth’s love of colour and detail are how she expresses and celebrates the colours of her soul. A lover of travelling, it is the new and beautiful landscapes she explores that become subjects of her art. Elspeth also has a great reverence with the seasons, cosmos, sacred geometry, the divine feminine and mythology that also influence her creations. She believes in the healing influences of colour and art which led her to achieving her Diploma in Art Therapy. Through her art she hopes to connect people with their inner child and to bring some vibrancy and joy to their lives.

Artist portrait by Tegan Clark.

Patrícia Lemos and Ana Afonso

ANA AFONSO, co-author of The Goddess in You is a Lisbon-based artist and graphic designer for children’s books and magazines. Ana has 5-year degree in Fine Art and a Masters in Drawing and is currently writing her PhD thesis on graphic design about picturebooks and ‘authorstrators’. Now and then Ana is a teacher or a graphic designer but most of the time she’s a happy, free spirited illustrator. You can catch her running or biking at daybreak collecting photos of the sunrise over the river Tagus – a ritual that combines what she calls “active meditation” with being grateful for living in such a wonderful city as Lisbon. (yoga, kayaking and swimming are also on the list).

Ana believes everyone can be empowered by imagery and archetypes, so, whenever she finds it, she tries to capture the healthy running wolf, the burning rising woman, the goddesses in us!

See some more of her work on her website and the sunrises on instagram:

Robin Quinlivan

ROBIN QUINLIVAN, creator of ‘Waiting to Fly’, the artwork for Burning Woman, lives in a little mountain town in West Virginia where she runs an art gallery with three friends.

“I like to paint with all manner of colored substances … oil … acrylic … watercolor. However most of the prints here are from oil pastel etchings, which is my latest favorite way to make art. I layer the oil pastels and carve down through them to create an image. It’s a fun and sometimes unpredictable process, during which hands and arms and clothing usually get a bit colorful … and I like that about it too.”

Robin Quinlivan on Etsy

Leah Dorion

LEAH MARIE DORION, who created the artwork for the cover of The Other Side of the River, is an interdisciplinary Metis artist raised in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.

A teacher, painter, filmmaker and published writer, Leah views her Metis heritage as providing her with a unique bridge for knowledge between all people. Leah holds a Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Arts, and Master of Arts degree. She has numerous creative projects to her credit, including academic papers for the Royal Commission of Aboriginal Peoples, books for children, gallery showings of her art works, and numerous video documentaries that showcase Metis culture and history.

Leah’s paintings honour the spiritual strength of Aboriginal women and the sacred feminine. Leah believes that women play a key role in passing on vital knowledge for all of humanity which is deeply reflected in her artistic practice. She believes women are the first teachers to the next generation.

Sally J. Smith

SALLY J. SMITH, based in the Adirondack Mountains, NY, USA,  created the image used on the cover of Wild & Wise. A professional watercolour artist of over 25 years, in 2007 she began creating environmental art sculptures out in nature.
“My ‘Eartherials’ are a pure celebration of the materials and the environment itself. Spirals are the backbone design form I like to work with and they are created out of everything imaginable: ice, stones, flowers, leaves and water itself on occasion. The process is usually rather mysterious. One enters the creative process the same way one enters a secret glade in the forest – quietly and with reverence. Keeping the lines of communication open between myself and whatever natural forces may be present in the environment allows me to see more deeply into a moment in space and time and endeavor to create a work of art that arises out of this mystery.”

Arna Baartz

ARNA BAARTZ is an artist, educator and poet who created the artwork featured on the cover of The Heroines Club. She has been finger-painting from the beginning when her father encouraged her by taping paper to the walls of their home and letting her loose with paint. As a result, she is an expressive artist with a belief in non-judgement, often purposely leaving her ‘mistakes’ in an attempt to allow the unfolding to participate in a finished piece.

Most of Arna’s work is an extension of her philosophical nature, bringing her gifts of personal insight and joy. She works in her bush studio everyday, surrounded by weird Australian wildlife, inspired by the connection between things and the glow of the rainforest.

Elena RayElena Ray

The work of ELENA RAY features in the covers of Moods of Motherhood and Moon Time. She creates mixed media art exploring psychological revelation, spiritual unfolding, healing, and energy.

Her photography is focused on the holistic arts and the people who practice them. She dabbles in Chinese calligraphy and makes Wabi-sabi collages. Her work can be seen in many publications including those by Hay House Publishing, Sounds True publications and Spirituality and Health Magazine. Elena is a yoga student and desert soul. She works and lives in Joshua Tree, California with her husband and their two cats.

Lucy H. Pearce

LUCY H. PEARCE paints the inner world of dreams, archetypes and pure energy, featuring on the cover of Creatrix, Reaching for the Moon and She of the Sea.

Symbols emerge which speak the language of the soul – the moon, spirals, trees, cherry blossom, feathers, birds and women’s bodies in all their beauty. Colours and energies shimmer and swirl: there is a sense of flow and meditative movement in her paintings that demands contemplation from the viewer, a shifting to another state of being.

Using a multi-layered intuitive painting technique, she builds up layer upon layer of rainbow colour: her paintings evolve from abstraction to dreamlike imagery. Her recent work incorporates her love of zentangles.

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