Often women contact us asking if and how they may use our work. 

We love seeing our work out in the world. We love you sharing our words further. And we ask that you respect our hard work by acknowledging the source of the words.

We are delighted for short quotes from our books – up to 200 words – to be shared as memes or in your own articles or books, provided they are clearly accompanied by the author’s name and the book’s title.

We are also very happy for the materials in our books to be shared amongst women’s communities: to be studied by book groups, discussed in classes, read from in ceremony, quoted on social media… with the following provisos:

  • If content from the book is shared in written or spoken form, the book’s author and title must be referenced clearly.
  • The only person fully qualified to teach the material from any of our titles is the author of this book itself. There are no accredited teachers of this work. Please do not make claims of this sort. 
  • If you are creating a course devoted to the content of one of our books, its title and author must be clearly acknowledged on all promotional material (posters, websites, social media posts).
  • The book’s cover may be used in promotional materials or social media posts. The cover art is copyright of the artist and has been licensed exclusively for this book. Any element of the book’s cover or font may not be used in branding your own marketing materials when teaching the content of the book, or content very similar to the original book.
  • No more than two double page spreads, or four single pages of any book may be photocopied as teaching materials. 

We are delighted to offer a 20% discount of over five copies going to one address. You can order these on our webshop, or email us.

If you require further clarification, do email us at

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